Welcome to our site!

We are the owners of Woodward Greenhouses located in
Chaplin, CT.  For more than 40 years we have grown a
wide assortment of flowering plants and succulents for
many area florists and garden centers.
Several years ago we learned the art of making hypertufa.  
By combining cement, peat moss and perlite with our
imaginations we create unique containers and garden art.  
Amid a greenhouse brimming with plants we find certain
specimens "speak" to us and when paired with the perfect
hypertufa pot, a planter is born.
More recently our experimentation has lead to re-purposing
thrift store finds.  A walk through any store can lead to a
shoe, a pitcher or a wicker chair which becomes a canvas
for our plants.
Everyone has a creative side, we didn't set out to become
artists, but we hope that our works inspire the artist in you
to try something new with plants!

     - Karen & Jeff

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Tillandsia are easy to care for.  Put them in
a bright area and mist once a week...sit
back and enjoy!
Handmade Hypertufa
Handmade Hypertufa
Garden Art  by Karen & Jeff